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Woods changed not just the physical shape of golfers but the profile of the entire game.

Fanny Blankers Koen showed a patriarchal world that women's sport counted.
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"The fact that she is local is just huge," coach Garrett Smith said.
"We really tried to grab the local market as much as we could. She is going to be great on the grid. Of course this is not the end.
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I think a football style qualification is required.
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These words simply repeat what Sandow and several of his colleagues had said way before Pilates methods were being taught.
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Be open about all parts of your case. Don forget to show your DUI case reports and documents.
Talk to him about his experience. The older ones, not so much.
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Backup also fouled out. Noah had 14 rebounds.Hawks: Howard fouled out in the second OT with 19 points and 13 rebounds.
G, signed to a 10 day contract, was in uniform but did not play.
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